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Bandar Seri Begawan Indonesia


Indonesia is a group of islands located south of the Gulf of Thailand. The population of indonesia is 229,965,000, and the total land area is 735,355. The GDP per capita is $2,246 each year. The largest nearby body of water is the ocean. The official language of indonesia is Austronesian. While I was in Indonesia I went to Deer cave a huge cave in the jungle just south of Brunei. I also visited Gunung Mulu National Park.

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Sydney Australia


Sydney is located on Australia's south east coast on an inlet of the Tasman Sea that is Sydney Harbor. Sydney's metro area has a population of about 4.34 million people with an area of 12,000 square kilometers. Australia has a GDP per capita of 39,000 per year. The largest near by body of water is Sydney Harbor. Australia's official language is english. While I was in Sydney I visited the Sydney Harbor Bridge, And the Queen Victoria Building.

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New Zealand


New Zealand is an island off the east coast of Australia. The population of New Zealand is 4,315,800. The total land area of New Zealand is 103,738 sq. miles. The GDP per capita is $30,049 per year. The largest body of water in New Zealand is Pacific Ocean. English is the official language of New Zealand. While in New Zealand i visited Milford Sound, a fjord that runs 15 kilometers inland from the Tasman Sea and is surrounded by sheer rock faces that 3,900 ft or more on either side. It has been judged the worlds top travel destination in an international survey. I also visited the Michael Fowler Centre, A concert hall in down town Wellington.

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maui and the big island

Hawaii is a chain of islands located in the pacific ocean. The population of Hawaii is 1,288,198. Hawaii has a total land area of 10,931 sq. miles. the GDP per capita of Hawaii is 63,746 a year. Hawaii is an island so the largest bodie of water is the ocean. The main language is English. While I was in Hawaii I saw rainbow falls, a waterfall that poors into a big under water cave. Then I left the big island and went to Murphey Beach Molokai. The southern shore of the island is a great place scuba diving.

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French polynesia


French polynesia is a small chain of polynesian islands in the southern Pacific Ocean. Its most well known Island is Tahiti. The population of Tahiti is 178,133. Tahiti's land covers 403.5 square miles. The GDP per capita of Tahiti in 1997 was $10,800 per year. The main language spoken in Tahiti is French, because it is a french colony. In Tahiti I saw the sun set over the ocean it was an incredable sight. The mountains in Tahiti are covered in streams waterfalls and bright green plants. I also visited the city of Papeete the city capital looks more like a resort then a government building.

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